This foundation has been created in loving memory of JoAnn Lawrence by Elena to provide assistance to families who are struggling financially, due to serious illness in the family.

JoAnn touched many people’s life and became a mentor, making major impact on the rest of their life. She was always able to find something positive in any situation, to inspire and promote self confidence. JoAnn celebrated her friend’s triumphs and made them aware of how proud she was of them.

JoAnn’s wisdom and caring has played a major role in her family and friend’s growth and success. She has been a guiding light and spiritual lift to whoever needed it most. The people she touched in her life were blessed, adopting her wisdom and putting her advice into action.

JoAnn showered me with unconditional love and always had something positive and encouraging to say. JoAnn believed in my abilities and helped me becomes very confident person, which greatly helps me in life. I am very grateful for every moment I spent with JoAnn and for love, caring and guidance she showed me.

JoAnn has been very generous, giving and loving person, who was always willing to help the one’s in need. Her loving memory continues with each person who benefits from this memorial foundation.

Out of this fund  $5,000 were distributed to the needy families with serious illnesses.