Please help Sheyrif family, that has 4 children, who lost their mother to cancer and have a father that can not work, due to a serious illness.

These 3 boys Michael Borukh age 11, Manachem Mendle age 17 and Shmuel age 18 and a girl Sara age 15 are in real urgent financial need, to help with basic necessities. Please help us raise the money to put food on the table for these children and buy them much needed cloths.

We are asking you to donate as much as you can, to help this family. You can also donate any item that would help benefit these children.

To date we have raised $18,360 and all proceeds have been distributed to the Sheyrif family.  THANK YOU to all who made this possible! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Please read below a letter from this family

“Hello, my name is Edward Sheyrif and I am a father of four children ages 11,15,17 and 18. My wife and parents have passed away within the last five years. The stress in my life has triggered severe Multiple Scleroses and because of this, I had to quit my job and currently try to get back on my feet. I am going through medical treatment, therapy and taking supplements.

I am struggling on a daily bases to provide for my children to get basic necessities and helping them heal with the loss of their mother. Also my children are going to therapy weekly and I am paying part of the related expenses. We already used up all the resources that our immediate community was able to provide and need your assistance now to stay above the water. You can make the difference in my children’s life by contributing any amount. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance, sincerely Edward.”

For any questions or inquiries please contact Elena at

Thank you.

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