This charity organization helps children in need, who do not have a parent(s).  The goal is to help financially, while establishing a personal relationship with each child. Guardian Hand strives to provide guidance, support and unity. We inspire children to reach for the stars. We hope to become a mentor and a role model, to inspire and promote self-confidence. Assistance and guidance will be provided, as needed. This may include: buying new clothes, providing food, helping with school tutoring, taking a child to museum or play and spending one-on-one time to allow each child voice their concerns and needs. The goal is to become a ‘Guardian,’ so a child feels comfortable reaching out for advice or help.

Current Fundraising Event:

We are currently raising funds to help Sheyrif family, that needs urgent financial assistance. This family has 4 children, who lost their mother (Tanya) to cancer and have a father (Edward) that can not work, due to a serious illness.  For more information please visit the Help the Sheyrif Family Page. Together we can make a difference.

To date we have raised $18,360 to help this family.  THANK YOU to all who helped us!


 IRS has approved this charity 501C non-profit status and all your donations are tax exempt.

Discover Financial Services donated $2,450.00 to ‘Guardian Hand For Children In Need’ as a part of 2017-2022 employee matching donations program.  Thank you for your support!

HCSC donated $4,700 to ‘Guardian Hand For Children In Need’ as a part of 2015-2017 matching dollar program for volunteering work.  Thank you for your support!

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About the Founder:

Founder of this organization, Elena Nanos, grew up as an orphan. Both of her parents passed away due to illnesses. By age 14, she only had an older brother Gennady to support her. Elena did not have a ‘Real’ guardian. Elena established this charity organization to help children who may not have anyone to turn to and inspires them to believe in themselves and their dreams. Growing up as an orphan herself, she understands the challenges, struggles and fears a child experiences when he/she looses a parent. Elena has meet several, warm hearted and supportive people throughout her life, who helped her become confident, successful and a caring person. JoAnn Lawrence was one of these individuals who shaped her life. Elena has established a memorial fund in JoAnn’s loving memory at this URL

Board of Directors:

Elena Nanos

Simone Stone

Zhanna Babitsky

Treasurer – Ilana Bromber

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